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  • Made In The USA By The Amish Of Ohio
  • Includes 1 Deep Brood Box (14??? x 19-7/8??? x 9-5/8???) Cut From The Eastern White Pines Of Michigan & Pennsylvania
  • Includes 3 CellTech Deep Brood Frames & Foundations Formed From Black Food Grade Plastic Dipped in 100% Beeswax. This Starter Kit Is ‘Nuc Ready’ And Comes With 3 Frames So When When You Buy Your Bees As A ‘5 Frame Nuc’ All Frames Will Be Used
  • Includes Screened Bottom Board, Telescoping Top Cover Capped With White Aluminum, Inner Cover With Mason Jar Size Feeder Hole, and Entrance Reducer – See Description Below For Measurements.
  • Includes Sheepskin Leather Gloves, Breathable Protective Jacket, Reinforced Up Right Veil, The Original Smoker, Curled Hive Tool

8 Frame Beehive, 10 Frame Beehive


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