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  • ??SPECIAL MILKING MACHINE??This kind of milking machine is specially designed for sheep/ Cows. The container is equipped with check valve, which can stop milking automatically when the container is full during milking to prevent overflow.
  • ??FRIENDLY TO YOUR SHEEP??The pulsation system will prevent damage or pain to the nipple due to continuous vacuum, providing a comfortable milking experience for your sheep.
  • ??SAVE TIME AND EFFICIENT??With the pulsating cycle of 46 times per minute. this milking machine can save at least half of labor and time. There is no need to endure sweating in summer or hand freezing in winter
  • ??HEALTH AND SAFETY??Each part of the milking machine is made of high standard materials: stainless steel (bottle)+ food grade silicone hose, which is very suitable for farm and daily household use.
  • ??EASY TO CLEAN?? Just three steps for cleaning machine milking. First, insert the brush into the tube. Second, straighten the pipe as straight as possible so that the brush can easily pass through the pipe. Third, pull out the brush and finish cleaning.

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