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  • ??Premium Material??: This high-quality honeycomb smoker, the bottom is made of stainless steel, wider and more durable.
  • ??Principle of Protection??: This exquisite beekeeping tool can calm the bees, help you enter the hive when you use it, and distract them to protect you. Safe and easy to use, Stainless steel produces safe cool smoke to help calm bees and protect from stings during hive maintenance.
  • ??Insulation Protection??: The protective heat shield and hooks on the top of this durable bee smoker keep you from getting scalded by hot surfaces.Protective heat shield surrounds the smoker to help prevent the user from burns.
  • ??Easy to Light??: This stainless steel smoke sprayer simply puts some newspaper in the smoker, lights the fire and adds some fuel to create a safe and cool smoke to help calm bees and protect them from stings during hive maintenance .
  • ??Easy to Use??: This safe honeycomb smoker features a removable fire-resistant panel and high-quality durable leather bellows, which can generate excellent airflow to effectively increase the smoke.

Blower, Blower with anti scalding cover


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