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  • 1. Professional pruning, high efficiency of pruning wool, no harm to sheep and no loss of wool quality, smoother and safer use, fast / precision / tidy, release hands and shear wool more easily
  • 2.6 gear intelligence; speed control as you like
  • 3. High-performance teeth, wheel trimming without jamming knife, strong and wear-resistant, with aluminum body head shell, the transmission is more stable
  • 4. Patented air duct, designed for rapid heat dissipation. Optimal design of MSC duct is adopted, continuous work is not hot
  • 5. Filter Netcom. The air outlet is effective against dust. Vent filter design to extend service life

Black 9 straight teeth, Red 9 straight teeth, Black 13 straight teeth, Red 13 straight teeth


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Micassj 750W Cordless Sheep Sh...


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