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  • ?? Electric Milking Machine??: With 14L bottle and vacuum pressure pump for milking, it is of big suction capacity and high efficiency. It is automatically stopped when the milk is full, saving time and effort, convenient to use.
  • ??Adjustable speed host??The product is equipped with a high-power adjustable speed host, with an adjustable power switch, which can adjust the power according to the thickness of cow’s and sheep’s milk eyes, protect the breast, and have exhaust holes to facilitate the heat dissipation of the host machine.
  • ??Pulsation Vacuum Pump??The pulsation system will make the milk claw liners collapsing on and below the teats massage the teat and maintain normal blood flow, preventing damage or pain to the teats due to continuous vacuum.
  • ?? Unique Design??: With venting holes to facilitate heat dissipation, the folding handle is easy to carry and aluminum alloy shell host is easy to dissipate heat.
  • ??Easy To Set Up & Clean Up??Quick installation, plugged in to use, easy to clean with 2 brushes, suitable for people with the least technical experience, can be used in farm, family, etc.

Cattle, Sheep


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