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  • ??High Quality Material??Milking machine with 5L/7L/14L stainless steel milking bucket. Made of 304 stainless steel, durable, non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly. Food-grade silicone is safe, healthy and odorless, soft and comfortable, and more convenient for sucking milk.
  • ??Convenient Design??The foldable handle design is convenient to carry, saving time and effort. The pulsation period is 46 times per minute. Imitate the power and frequency of the hands, reduce the pain of milking and your animal will not kick its legs.
  • ??Rechargeable Use??This device has a pulse function and can be charged, which is convenient for you. At the same time, continuous vacuuming can help the host prevent injury or pacifier pain and protect the chest.
  • ??Full Accessories?? Specially designed for sheep, this milking machine is suitable for small and medium-sized farms or ordinary families. The goat milk bucket is durable, non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly. At the same time, it is equipped with special brushes, milk plugs, pacifier cups, etc.
  • ??Automatic stop function?? When the amount of goat milk in the keg reaches the upper limit, the host will change a sound and automatically stop sucking goat milk into the keg to extend the life of the host. Suitable for family use, convenient to carry and easy to clean.

5L, 7L, 14L


Cattle, Sheep


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