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  • ? Pulsating main motor: aluminum alloy shell is conducive to heat dissipation. When you need to use it, you can use it while charging, and you don’t need to worry about safety problems for a long time
  • ? Easy-Use & Clean: Professional design makes it easy to install and operate. Installation takes less than 15s, with the least technical experience, anyone can use, even your kids can help to do the extracting work for you. Come with handy cleaning brushes to clean the hose and teat cup, 7L and 14L stainless steel bucket can help you get enough milk at a time
  • ? Reinforced Pulsation System: the pulsating system will make the milk claw liners collapse on and below the teats about once each second massaging the teat and maintaining normal blood flow, it will prevent damage or pain to the teats that would be caused by the continuous vacuum. Providing a comfortable milking experience for your cow or goat
  • ? Time & Labor-Saving: The pulsating cycle is 40~46 times per minute, using a milking machine saves at least one-half of the labor and time. No need to tolerate sweated in summer or hand freezing in winter when milking. the milk container is equipped with a check valve that prevents the milk flow into the pump when the milk is full
  • ? Health & Safety: Each part of the milking machine was selected the high standard materials, food-grade Silicone Hose, Teat cup liner and Milk Container, Healthy and environmentally friendly, tasteless

7L, 14L


For Cows, For Goats


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