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  • Milker Equipment:Milk contains a variety of nutrients, when you hand milk a cow or goat, all kinds of dust, hair, bacteria and sometimes even flecks of manure will easily land in your hard-earned milk bucket. By using the Milking Machine, the entire system is fully enclosed and sealed. There is no opportunity for contamination during the milking process.
  • Saving Time and Labor: No more hand milking again. No more sweating in hot summer or frozen hands in cold winter. This automatic cow milker is designed to free your hand and save your time. At least saving half of the labor and time.
  • Powerful Pulsation System:This cow milker machine provides a comfortable milking experience for your cows. The pulsating system makes the teat claw liner collapse on and under the teats about once every second to massage the nipple and maintain normal blood flow to prevent making damage or pain to the teat due to continuous vacuum.
  • Safe Material: 7L/3L optional bucket made of food-grade stainless steel is durable, safe, BPA-free, and tightly sealed, it helps you get enough milk at a time, perfect for milking, storing and transporting fresh milk in dairy farm. The silicone hose and teat cup liner are also food-grade, odorless, soft, healthy, and kind to cow’s teats.
  • Portable and Efficient:This milking machine is very portable. used for storage and transportation of fresh milk from cattle and goats in dairy farms. The vacuum pressure pump is used for milking, with large suction and high efficiency. Electric milking machines use high-quality motors to save time and energy.

3L, 7L


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