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  • ??DURABLE MATERIAL??Surface made of superior material, shockproof, moisture-proof and durable; internal with a large battery capacity to use longer, is a rechargeable cattle prod for livestock only.
  • ??EFFECTIVE AND SAFE??This electric cattle prod is designed to help herd moving livestock (herd cattle, pigs, goats) more effectively,while it will not harm the animals–excellent electrical conductivity and low-current.
  • ??LONG HANDLE??The extra-long length no need to bend over and allows the livestock to follow the route you want. Easy to catch , safe and efficient.
  • ??180?? BENDING??The high-quality insulating material 180?? keeps bending and bending, double waterproof design, dustproof and waterproof sealing ring, fully enclosed to enhance protection.
  • ??LABOR-SAVING??Easy to catch pigs, safe and efficient; No need to bend over, effortlessly.

65.5CM, 85.5CM, 95.5CM


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Waterproof Cattle Prod Stick,E...


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