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  • ??Easy to install??: Bee Hive is easy to use, time-saving and labor-saving. After receiving the package, it can be used through simple installation. The finished nest frame can be used directly without troublesome installation.
  • ??10 Frames Active Bee Hive??: 10 Frames Bee Hive, which can put 5 framed nest foundations, can well raise a larger number of bees, small in size, does not take up space, and provides you with a better beekeeping experience. The is very suitable for beginner beekeepers and professional beekeepers.
  • ??Beekeeper choice suit??: home Honey Bee Hive Box,not only has 10 frame Beehive has complete feeding accessories, finished nest frame x5, Nest Green Wood Chips x1, medium queen bee cage x2, anti-escape sheet x2,Durable and long, comfortable to use by bees.
  • ??Strong and durable??: Bee Box is made of hemlock material, and after high-density cutting, The machine opens the dovetail tenon, and the splicing is seamless, high-density anastomosis, and tightness. Tighten the dovetail tenon with a hammer. It is strong and durable, and also people and it will not be damaged when standing on it, and The board Also have a waterproof effect.
  • ??The best guarantee??: We are committed to serving every customer. After receiving your order, we will deliver the package immediately. In order to avoid damage, we use reinforced packaging. If you have any questions, you can contact me.

10 frame


Primary Color


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