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  • [ EASY TO USE& CLEAN] It comes with brief but clear directions on how to assemble, use, and clean, and if you follow them you will be good to go. Cleaning brushes are also included in the package to clean the hose and teat cup more efficiently; Convenient to Use: Electric pump type, the cow milker helps save you more time and efforts;
  • All finishes are safe and Eco-friendly; Electric impulse type, save you more time and efforts, the impulse cycle is 40~ 46 times per minute, when the bucket is full the milking machine will stop automatically; Friendly to Animals- Animals will NOT get hurt and will like it
  • Reinforced impulse System: the impulse system will make the milk claw liners collapse on and below the teats about once each second massaging the teat and maintaining normal blood flow, it will prevent damage or pain to the teats that would be caused by the continuous vacuum. Providing a comfortable milking experience for your cow or goat
  • We offer 2 types of milking machines: one is for cows, while the other is for goats.
  • High Capacity: With 14L bottle and vacuum pressure pump for milking, it is of big suction capacity and high efficiency



For Cow, For Goat


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