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  • ??Pulsation System Automatically??:Our pens milking machines can automatically massage the nipple and maintain normal blood flow. The suction cup can simulate the sensation of hand milking, the animal will not feel any pain, and the suction force is sufficient to expel the milk from the breast.
  • ??The Latest Technology??: The automatic milker has a self-stop function. When the milk bucket is full, it will automatically stop sucking milk to prevent overfilling the milk and affecting the life of the machine.
  • ??High-power Pulsating Vacuum Pump??: 7L large capacity with vacuum pressure pump, upgraded tube thickness and red restrictor valve, 3 times the speed of ordinary milking machine, It should be noted that both thumbs and sheep breasts need to be as close as possible to the milking cup in order to work properly.
  • ??Healthy & Safety??: Milking machine for cow-food-gradesilicone, eco-friendly, safe, non-toxic, odorless, soft, has massage effect on goat, the goat is squeezed out milk under comfortable conditions.Milk bucket is made of Made of 304 stainless steel, tough-and-durable.High power vacuum pump, protect the breast.
  • ??Dual Use Electric Milking Machine??: This goat milking machine is suitable for household farm use, equipped with two milk suction accessories for sheep, which is simple and convenient to replace.

7L, 14L


For Cow, For Goat


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